Plamann Park engagement session - Appleton, WI - Melissa & Josh

I had met Melissa for the first and only time when I photographed her sister Renee's wedding last September. This girl is so nice and fun and made the best Maid of Honor! And she will be a wonderful bride too... I just can tell :)

Fox Valley-engagement-session-Wisconsin-Gosia's-Photography_0018.jpg
Fox Valley-engagement-session-Wisconsin-Gosia's-Photography_0001.jpg

Melissa and Josh got engaged in February of this year and they are getting married next May all the way down in Florida. And, I'm super excited to have been asked to be a part of their beautiful milestone!

Fox Valley-engagement-session-Wisconsin-Gosia's-Photography_0003.jpg

Picnic frolics... the makings of romance in the air!

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Fox Valley-engagement-session-Wisconsin-Gosia's-Photography_0004.jpg
Fox Valley-engagement-session-Wisconsin-Gosia's-Photography_0006.jpg
Fox Valley-engagement-session-Wisconsin-Gosia's-Photography_0007.jpg

A gorgeous ring!

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Fox Valley-engagement-session-Wisconsin-Gosia's-Photography_0008.jpg
Fox Valley-engagement-session-Wisconsin-Gosia's-Photography_0010.jpg

Would you ever guess that this young and adorable couple has been together for about five years!

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Fox Valley-engagement-session-Wisconsin-Gosia's-Photography_0011.jpg
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Fox Valley-engagement-session-Wisconsin-Gosia's-Photography_0017.jpg

I'm so excited to be a part of another wedding celebration with this family. I cannot wait to photograph Melissa and Josh's event.  

Thank you. Dziekuje!