Sweet triplets! Newborn baby photographer - Berlin, WI

Not one, not two, but three babies... Heather and Craig have been blessed with three little perfect babies... and I've been blessed by photographing those sweet little ones. 

I took a quick photo before the official photo session... aren't they super cute!


From family of two to family of five...


Photographing newborn triplets was beyond being anything I have imagined.

Laura & Adam - lake property engagement session - middle of Wisconsin

Laura and Adam are two of the nicest people I have ever met!  I mean... the kindness that they have shown me is just amazing.

Although the couple lives in the Milwaukee area, they asked me if I would be interested in going to Laura's family cottage. It's their favorite place. I love when couples incorporate a personal touch in their sessions, so I immediately said yes... and that's how I got to meet their first furry baby too, not to mention, Laura's immediate family :)

Yes, Adam cheers for the Bears, but it's legit... he's from Chicago ;-)

I'm super excited for their wedding... June is just around the corner!

Baby D - lifestyle newborn session - Neenah, WI

This is the second part of this beautiful baby boy's session. Some posed photos, but also some totally candid. We tried waking the little one for some 'open eye' family photos, but someone was super content. And that's perfectly fine :)


I just love sessions like this one!

Baby D - newborn session - Neenah, WI

It's always a huge honor when my prior bridal clients ask me to photograph their bundles of love. The newborn sessions are always so sweet... and this is the sweetness that I am talking about...


Cute lips and rolls :)


And, he smiled...


Proud parents...


Thank you for letting me be a part of your next fabulous milestone. And, congratulations on the beautiful baby boy!!!

A day in life - haircut - personal photography - Appleton, WI

Ladies and gentlemen… we have eight inches. Eight inches of glorious hair!

Here's the back story… In the last year, my daughter's hair grew like crazy. Granted, it's been almost a year since we gave her a haircut, her beautiful thick hair managed to get over eight inches long. And yes, we had waited on purpose for those eight inches.

I had explained to my daughter about how some kids cannot grow hair due to a sickness… she said that she would like to donate her hair. So we waited...


The game face… Big thanks goes to lovely hairstylists at Heads of Time in Appleton. 


And the happy customer face :-)


The hair will be shipped to Children with Hair Loss. We are super excited that we can help someone in need.